Miniaturen fürs Puppenhaus rund um das Thema Friseur

Miniaturen fürs Puppenhaus:
Saloneinrichtungen Maßstab 1:12
Szenen rund ums Haare-machen mit Puppen
Eine Friseurin ohne Salon tobt sich aus!

Sonntag, 6. September 2009

Natalie, Sylvia, Dora and Sans DD

Four new followers, wow. Thank you all so much for your interestingness and for your comments to my hobby. All new followers are a good reason for me to make a new salon-outfit. Today I was on a fleamarket and found a black kind of board with chinese mascs on it. First I planned to put them off the board, but at home I found, that it fits in my house and makes a museum or collectors board - or deco for a hairsalon with an asian touch.
have fun!


  1. Very pretty! I have always love these masks as well. They suit the house so nicely even it is not an oriental one.

  2. thank you Sans, I'm glad you like them!